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No credit card terminals or card readers required, fans use their own Smartphone in their own space to process gift transactions.

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Register now, receive your unique URL and QR Code and begin accepting digital monetary gifts from your fans!

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All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay and PayPal accepted.

Flexible Payment Methods

All gifts are securely processed through Bank of America/, Apple Pay and PayPal.

Secure Gifting

Increase your earning potential by providing your fans an easy, flexible and secure way of sending you digital monetary gifts.

Increase Earnings

All gifts (less applicable fees) are distributed promptly into the designated band/artist bank account.

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No Cash, No Problem! Music fans easily scan your unique QR Code and quickly send a digital monetary gift from your Band/Artist Gifting Page!

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Welcome to Gift the Band where our number one priority is supporting Live Music and the well-being of talented musicians of all genres across the globe!

In today’s digital wallet society, fewer people are carrying cash, making it harder to earn cash tips that supplement a musician’s income. Gift the Band was created by music lovers to overcome this obstacle and maximize a musician’s earning potential. NO CASH, NO PROBLEM! Music Lovers can scan a unique QR Code or search for the band/artist on our website with their Smartphone and quickly send a digital monetary gift directly to their favorite musicians.

Every gift is greatly appreciated and will help musicians cover basic expenses and live a more comfortable life. Thanks very much for Gifting the Band!

“My wife and I were visiting several of the 85 bars on Duval street in Key West Florida.

The artist was fantastic, a young woman who had a great sound. Because there was only us and her, we got to know her, and she played our special song requests.

When it was time to move on, my wife and I wanted to tip her, but were absolutely embarrassed that we did not have any cash. We just spent an hour with a really talented musician who gave us special attention, and we had no way of sharing the love. We needed to find a better alternative.”

Scott Dotson, Founder

Gift the Band is a safe and secure way of quickly sending digital monetary gifts to your favorite musicians.

Using your SmartPhone, simply scan a unique QR Code or search for a band/artist on our website and send gifts using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), Apple Pay or PayPal. All credit card transactions are processed through our Bank of America/ payment gateway using secure protocols, best-in-class fraud detection, and intuitive design to streamline the gifting process. Bank of America/, Apple Pay and PayPal securely process billions of dollars worth of transactions per year.